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A Couple South African Jeeps

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Marc forwarded these two jeeps for sale in South Africa. The first is a Gobex Jade Jeep, a kit jeep that is no longer produced. Marc’s trying to find out what happened to them.


The second jeep is a Badger Jeep, A veep-like kit car with a VW engine. What’s most interesting is that the tires are Desert Dog PCV Tires, yet the tires don’t include PCV like other PCV tires I’ve seen.

badger-jeep-kit-vw-southafrica1 badger-jeep-kit-vw-southafrica2


2 Comments on “A Couple South African Jeeps

  1. Gideon de Swardt

    Good day.
    I am from Cape Town, South Acrica. I purchased a old unused Badger body and want to restord and build a Badger VW Jeep. I also purchased a doner vehicle for this project, namely a 1972 VW Beetle. The Beetle body is rusted beyond economical repair, but the undercarriage and engine, gearbox with all other components are in good condition.

    I am looking for information as to how much I need to shorten the floorpan and other specifications to get the Badger as close to the original as possible. Any information will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Gideon. De Swardt

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