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Mitch’s ‘New’ Diesel CJ-6

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Mitch just found this rare jeep in a Washington State field.

He writes, ” It’s a 1966 CJ-6 with a factory 192 Perkins Diesel. Picked it up out of a farmers field just outside of Asotin, Wa. Complete and rust free minus a radiator and some front end damage from  running into the back of something. 2/3- 1/3 front bench, full Meyer hard top, rear seat, even has the factory jack and lug wrench in the tool box under the seat…lol… Didn’t even know they had those. The owner had to be in his late seventies or early 80’s so some of the history was fuzzy. He thought it had been there 7 or 8 years but the last registration was from 77……Which makes me wonder if the 9,xxx some miles on the odometer might actually be correct.”

CJ6-4 CJ6-8

cj-6 CJ-61 CJ6-11CJ6-3


27 Comments on “Mitch’s ‘New’ Diesel CJ-6

  1. Mitch

    He said this one originated in Canada but I don’t know that for sure. He was not the original owner, I believe he was the second owner. I’m really excited about it……GF not so much…lol. Can’t wait to get it started and drive it!

  2. Delany

    Imagine my surprise to read about a dream vehicle (diesel Jeep) twenty minutes from where I sit. Can’t believe it.
    I read eWillys everyday, too.

    (Nice score, Mitch.)

  3. Mitch

    lol… Where are you located Delany?

    #2- Anyone in Washington state have a spare radiator they’d part with for an early CJ?

  4. Doug

    Awesome! I never knew that they put a diesel in .I am still learning from eWillys! of course!
    Just a tip,and you may allready know about this.The older diesels do not like the ultra low sulfer diesel fuel that has been mandated.Especially those engines using a rotary type injection pump.Be sure and use a additive for diesel fuel that adds lubricity.A local injection pump rebuild shop can steer you with a good product.
    Again nice find!

  5. terry


    Do you have Mitch’s e-mail address. I have the same motor that was originally in a CJ6. Now sits in a cj-5 chassis but have not done much with it except get it running. Anyway I have collected a lot of documents that may help him so I was going to scan and send it to him.


  6. Jason

    Hi i used to live in asotin and i remember that jeep sitting in that field when in was in high school and that was twenty years ago. The story i heard was it used to be his son’s jeep when he was in school. I think that was when it was last driven on a regular basis.

  7. Mitch

    Hi Jason-
    I think you are correct. I think it was in an accident up cutting wood somewhere in icy conditions and that is why the jeep was initially parked in the field. He mentioned his son was driving it. The accident destroyed the radiator and bent up the front pretty good. Some of the sheetmetal was pounded and welded back to functional but far from pretty. I do have it running now but not driving yet. The brakes are a little over halfway gone through at this point and the radiator is in but not connected yet. I’m slowly going through it so it is mechanically functional. Near as I can tell so far is that it was last registered with the state in 1977.

  8. mark miller

    nice find!.i put a 4.236 perkins in my 1982 jeep cj5 , I love it!if you are interested in selling let me know thanks mark miller

  9. Drew

    Heck of a find! Love the Meyer hard top and a diesel no less. The ideal 6. When you get it fully running you’ll have to post a video. Good luck.

  10. Mitch

    I should have it driving after this weekend. I’ve fully gone through the brakes replacing everything but the hard lines. Fluids all changed. Rebuilt the front of the frame, etc. Still need to mount the electric fan and do some little things. Upholstery guy is supposed to get the seats for recovering then tomorrow. Hoping to have it’s inaugural jeep run on November 2nd with WWJC.

  11. mmdeilers Post author

    Looks like fun!

    Once I get Biscuit back together, I’m hoping to be able to join you on a trip into the woods. I’m sure it won’t be done until next Spring at the earliest.

    – Dave

  12. Mitch

    On schedule. Got the drivers seat back from upholstery last night. Bolt it in tonight and hopefully drive it to work tomorrow and friday to make sure she’s ready to trek over the Naches saturday.

  13. Doug In Ohio

    Hey Mitch!You have been busy on the cj6!VERY nice work by the way!Also I see old tractor restored and a 67-72 Ford pickup around your place.I also have restored a few tractors and am helping my son restore his 71 F250 4×4.Not many of them have survived here in Ohio!And of course allways working on my flatfender!So jeeps, tractors, and trucks,a good mix!Again nice work on your cj6! 🙂

  14. Mitch

    Hi Doug- Yes, the 46 Ford 2N tractor belonged to my great grandfather and my parents just had it restored locally. I bought the 69 F-250 when I was about 19 and used it daily for about 10 years. Rust however has gotten the better of it lately so it’s on the list to get back into driving order.

    I drove the 6 in to work today. 25-30 miles at 55-60mph. Longer drive than usual but fun. Tomorrow it runs the Historic Naches trail for probably the first time in its history.

  15. mmdeilers Post author

    Mitch: Send us some pics if you get a chance. Looks like there will be some rain on the eastern side (at least according to Yakima weather).

    – Dave

  16. Ottar

    Wow! That is a neat Jeep! I’ve got a couple of modern diesel liberties and have always wanted a diesel Willys… I went to high school in Asotin, I think I recall seeing that jeep in the field.

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