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It’s Book Launch Time!

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Yeah, I know I said yesterday that I’d wait until next week, but Ann and I worked late into the morning to correct the last few details. In addition, the manuscript was approved quickly at Createspace. So, my first order of books arrives on Thursday the 12th. Those folks that bought pre-release readers versions will have their books shipped out on Friday the 13th.

So, if you weren’t a pre-release reader and want to get yourself or a friend a version, or just want to support eWillys, you can order books in two ways:

1) If you want a signed version, either email me at OR comment below. It’s $25 (which includes shipping).

2) If don’t care about it being signed, you can order the book through Createspace right now.

Want to learn more about the book, go to The novel, my first, combines thrills, chases, jeeps, art theft, and World War II. I’m told it’s a fast, fun read. Here are three reviews from pre-release readers:

David Eilers has written an exciting fast paced yet well balanced thriller. The compelling story spans both gritty and beautiful locations while making a jump from war-torn Europe to the supposedly peaceful American Northwest, all the while exposing the characters’ personalities in ways that add proper depth to the story. Likable but not perfect heroes, and sinister yet understandable villains. And somehow Dave weaves in jeep or two. I can recommend this book without reservation; however, it opens fast and keeps moving, so you may want to plan for reading it straight through. This book will also make great movie material. (In a way, it reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.)  – Guy Kathe

You know, I think this book is on par with most any well known author I’ve ever read, in fact it’s much better than a lot of the Clive cussler books. His stories are great but the banter between his characters sometimes is pretty unrealistic. – Bob Christy

Amber panels……..never would have picked up such a book in a bookstore…..skimmed thru it backwards and said…this is going to be boring. Not my cup of tea. Then.. I got bored and needed to read something…so I started in. Holy historical novel, batman, you have a HIT. Could NOT put it down. Another home run. Better than your last, which was great. I loved how you got jeeps involved. – Bill Foshay



3 Comments on “It’s Book Launch Time!

  1. mom

    Hate to toot my own sons horn…..well not really. I have read the book twice picking up spelling errors, sometimes asking “What are you trying to do here?”, and just generally marking up the book with red ink. That pen was supplied by his very generous wife, Ann. Wasn’t sure I would really need it, but lo and behold, I did manage to use it. 🙂

    I must say that I enjoyed it both times as it is a good read and especially fun for Seattle area residents to have used local places in his book. I agree with one of the reviews that it would make a fun movie with lots of action, good story, interesting characters and some light humor. Stella comes quickly to mind. Sometimes I would get engrossed in the reading and forgot I was also doing a job. Anyone know a Hollywood producer that wants a good story for their next movie???

  2. Craig B.

    This is very exciting times for sure Dave! Congrats on the release. I took your book with me on a flight to Arizona to visit Jesse and got about a third of the way through. Very much liked what I had read. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to get back to finish it. Might take it to the Midwest Willys Reunion tomorrow and sneak in a little reading time while I’m staked out in front of the Tour Jeep at the event.

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