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Doug’s 4-Wheelers in Pella, IA

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Dave Brevard saw Doug’s 4-Wheelers during a recent trip.

He writes, “On our way from North Carolina to the Willys Reunion in Missouri we detoured
and spent some time visiting our daughter in Iowa. The attached pictures show some of the Jeeps at a salvage yard about 4 miles east of Pella, Iowa. There are more there, but I wasn’t dressed properly to push through the tall weeds and investigate. All are really rough, but have lots of parts.”

P1010026 P1010027 P1010028

P1010032 P1010033 P1010034 P1010035 P1010036 P1010037 P1010038 P1010039


16 Comments on “Doug’s 4-Wheelers in Pella, IA

  1. Dave

    The truck with the flat bed is interesting, as it’s a column shift,
    which would make it first production of a 4WD truck, 1948.
    I had one several years ago, but was rusted bad, but had
    original paint, and the 6-cylinder motor.
    It had been standing outside for about 30 years.
    Ended up in the scrap yard.

  2. Mike

    Looking for war cab for jeep I have to pick up Moes be halfway decent if so please send picture price

  3. Mike allen

    Looking for mid 50s or 60s jeep pick up cab in decent condition at reasonable price

  4. Shainna Graham

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  5. Edsel Henson

    I called, polite conversation however he WILL NOT SHIP then said have a nice day, click

  6. David Eilers

    Hi Edsel,

    Thanks for that update. Sorry to hear about that.

    I know some parts’ sellers have been burned by shipping parts, then having the buyer refuse to pay, claiming the item 1) was damaged or 2) never arrived. I know one guy who stopped handling parts altogether due to unreasonable buyer demands and parts cheaters.


    – Dave

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