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OOH! Point Post Card on eBay

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Here’s another OOH! postcard. It’s not hard to see how OOH! Point got its name! (this photos below are from a previous version of the card).

“San Juan Scenic Jeep Tour, from OOHI Point looking down towards Hensen Creek Canyon midway between Ouray, and Lake Ciy, Colo.
mailed in 1969 from Ouray to Galesburg, Illinois.
Published by Noble Post Cards, Colorado Springs.
Condition very good.”

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4 Comments on “OOH! Point Post Card on eBay

  1. Colin

    I don’t know a lot about San Juan Jeep Tours in Ouray, CO, but I have seen a bunch of photos of many of their specialized Jeeps. They had several Jeep station wagons minus the tops and of course the FC 170s that Craig and Jesse both have, which are also “chop” top models. Maybe Craig will weigh in as he has a lot of history of this company.

  2. Jesse Ybarra

    I actually own some of the sheet metal that survived, of what is left of that wagon, or from one of the other few wagons of those that were made for the scenic Jeep Tours.
    My friend Ken and I started to restore one that was to be an original Scenic wagon, but he wanted it made as he wanted it for himself instead.
    Unfortunatly Ken died a few years ago, it was in the process of being made into a Cadillac front wheel drive, 4 door rat rod, so the 118″ WB body was extended 36″ to 154″ + an additional 10″ was added to the length of the hood and front fenders. The body was also split lengthwise then we made it 8″ wider.
    It has no priority for completion, I own it now, I intend to change the chassis from Northstar FWD to a 97 GM 4×4 truck, using instead a 468″/TH-400/NP-208, with front torsion bar suspension.

  3. Craig B.

    Indeed the “OOH!” Point was a famous spot for tour guides to take pictures at. Like many others I’ve wanted to go there to get a picture of my tour jeep there but alas it will never happen. It’s still there near Engineer Pass but as the story is told by “Wild Bill” & Gail Kuboski from San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours back in the day one of the tour jeep operators kind of let a truck get away from the famous spot and the access was closed from future parking adventures. Fortunately no one was hurt but but a tour jeep made the ultimate sacrifice and the desision was made to close the point down to vehicle traffic.

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