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Photo of DJ-3A Surrey with Hardtop on eBay

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UPDATE II (09/11/2013): Brian and Bruce each sent a photo. See below pink surrey photos.

UPDATE (09/10/2013): Brian shared these pics of a Surrey with a Kelly hardtop. He bought the hardtop, but not the jeep.See Brian’s pic and info underneath the pink surrey hardtop photos.

Unfortunately, there’s no description. Only the date of July 1965.

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(09/11/2013) Brian sent this photo of the door after it was sand blasted.


(09/11/2013) Bruce forwarded this photo of the surrey without the top.


(09/10/2013) Brian’s photos of a 1961 DJ-3A Surrey:

Brian writes, “It’s not the same Jeep. My top has never had an i.d. tag on it which i always thought was odd. When i bought the top, the Jeep was only in Florida for a year or two at the time. Before that it was in Virginia where it had spent most of it’s life, the same State that the top was built in. The story was something like: a lady bought the Surrey new in ’61 and then (i think) it was sold to a serviceman around the time of Vietnam. He put the Jeep in storage and it sat there for well over 30 years, hence why it was in such good shape. I can’t remember who had the top put on it. 
I found two more pics that show a bit of the pink paint, in the rear cargo area some is showing on the ribs and the front floor shot shows a line of pink around the body seam. I had underhood pics that showed alot of pink paint that the cheaper paint didn’t adhere too well to but i can’t find them.

dj3a-surrey-hardtop1 dj3a-surrey-hardtop2 dj3a-surrey-hardtop3 dj3a-surrey-hardtop4

dj3a-surrey-hardtop5 dj3a-surrey-hardtop6 dj3a-surrey-hardtop7 dj3a-surrey-hardtop8 dj3a-surrey-hardtop9 dj3a-surrey-hardtop10


12 Comments on “Photo of DJ-3A Surrey with Hardtop on eBay

  1. Bill

    I have never seen this. Anyone know what brand that hard top is?? I have recently seen the same top design on a CJ-3B somewhere…. that angle above the doors gives it away.

    Are they holding the doors open with ropes?

    ps. love the hair

  2. Brian

    I have because i bought a Kelly hardtop exactly like the one pictured and when i first saw it, it was on a pink Surrey Gala. I’ll send you a couple pics David.

  3. Colin Peabody

    I, too am waiting to see the photos of the top. Wish the photo was clearer, but it looks like there are inspection stickers on the right front bumper, no windshield straps, but the colors are good. Maybe Brian’s photos are of the same DJ3A.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I’m cleaning walls right now . . . but will add the photos later tonight. Brian doesn’t believe it’s the same jeep. More later.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    I’ve uploaded the photos and information from Brian. I also emailed the seller of the photo, but he didn’t have any additional information about it.

  6. bruce

    The top in Brian’s pic is the model 200 Beck/Kelly, the top on the pink Surrey is the Beck/Kelly model 300, biggest diff is the window count and door hinge mounts. Kelly bought Beck in 51 so more than likely they both are Kelly tops but there is a outside chance one or both could be the original Beck top. I knew when i saw the funky way the steps were mounted and that the rear bumper mounts had been altered I had pics of this jeeps w/o the top on it. I have sent a pic to Dave and hopefully he can add it.

  7. Brian

    I find it interesting that my top was never ‘insulated’. Almost everything i have read about the Kelly tops says they were insulated with a spray on product similar to undercoating. Mine also has lockable doors and hatch and never was drilled for an i.d. tag which makes me wonder if mine might have been a pilot top or a demo of some sort. When i had the doors media blasted it revealed a former logo from long ago. I’ll send a pic to David, maybe he will post it for me. I don’t know what the logo was but i would like to know. As far as i know the top spent most of it’s life in Va. and it was originally white.

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    Both Brian and Bruce sent a photo. I’ll be updating the post in a few minutes.

    Can anyone identify the door’s logo.

    – Dave

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