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Ron Dennis’ Trip to Southern Colorado

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Ron Dennis spent a few days exploring southern Colorado in his M-38. Sounds like he had a great time and had some beautiful weather. Sebastian compiled Ron’s photos and descriptions into a post at the Flat Fender Club of Butler’s website. go there to see all the pictures and Ron’s thoughts:

Here’s a photo of Ron at Black Bear Pass:



5 Comments on “Ron Dennis’ Trip to Southern Colorado

  1. jeepjunkie

    Ron’s comment at the end is so accurate. I almost stopped taking my 2A to the beach with my wife because I would spend almost half the day talking to strangers about their grandfather’s old jeep, or their uncle’s, but then I thought about the joy it gave an elderly man (WII vet) who asked if I would take him for a ride down the beach one day. 45 minutes later I brought him back to his family and he was on cloud 9. His family must have taken 20 photos. And that’s another reason we keep our old jeeps.

  2. Mark CJ2A

    I really dig the look of Ron’s M-38. Those look like Super Swampers, I wonder if anyone knows Ron and can ask him what tires size, what wheels (stock 16’s?) and how much of a lift he needed. Thanks. Great pics!

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