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Photo’s from Claus’ Trip to Namibia

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Claus recently moved from South Africa to Namibia. As part of the move, he drove his restored CJ-2A to his new home. Reminds me of the Southwest.

He writes, “I drove my 48 all the way from Cape Town to my home town of Windhoek along dirt and gravel roads for a total of 1822km (about 1100 miles). Stunning adventure. The first 600km odd km’s up to the border was on tar road and mostly at night. I did that stretch, 589km to be exact in 11 hours with plenty of night driving, but I had to push it to escape bad weather which was following us from the south. The other 1200km odd km were just gravel road and I have a lot of pics. A friend joined me on the trip, didn’t think she would survive as it was wet and very cold at times but we had a blast. My jeep performed so well and I was so proud of her. Went at a slow pace no rush generally we were doing 100miles a day, find a farm were would could camp and off we went again – trip took 7 days.”

claus-namibia-trip1 claus-namibia-trip2 claus-namibia-trip3 claus-namibia-trip4

claus-namibia-trip5 claus-namibia-trip6 claus-namibia-trip7 claus-namibia-trip8


15 Comments on “Photo’s from Claus’ Trip to Namibia

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Somebody tell that guy not to let that cute woman get away. If she willingly went on that trip and still wants to see him afterwards, she’s a keeper!

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Wow… nice jeep, great gal (I agree with PA Steve), and an amazing journey. Does it get any better than that? Inspiring 🙂

  3. Dave Antram

    Nice shots and a nice trip in a Jeep!

    Seems like the perfect setting where one wouldn’t be
    run off the road by lots of modern day traffic that’s for

  4. Leo

    Amazing trip Claus, way to go !
    That’ll show those guys in them newfangled aircon constant 4wd landcruisers !!
    And I must side with the other Jeepers on here, that girl’s a keeper.
    Not many girls these days will join you on a trip like that on their own free will !
    Thanks for the photo’s

  5. Claus Heydenrych

    To all
    thank you so much for the comments and compliments. Just makes me feel even more proud about my jeep and of course the girl. :-).
    For the record, Charlotte loves the jeep, she truly enjoyed every minute of the trip. Not once did she complain about getting soaking wet during the rainy stretches, cold or covered in dust. It truly was a pleasure having her as my companion, co-pilot and even sometimes driver. In fact she enjoyed it so much so that she is planning on immigrating to Namibia…… she might just be a keeper ;-).

    Thank you


    The third last photo, looking forward from the right hand side while on the go down a sand road in the wide open sums it up……………….absolutely lovely.

  7. Nicky Mupetami

    Quite an interesting story and fascinating photos you have posted about your trip to Namibia.
    I recently bought a CJ3B jeep which need restoration and your assistance if you can provide me with website or contact details of people or companies in South Africa especial Cape Town were to source new or secondhand body parts.

    I am a Namibian residing in Windhoek.

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