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1959 DJ-3A Surrey in Burn Notice and on eBay


UPDATE: This is back on eBay at a much lower price.

Burn Notice fans will interested in this Surrey. According to the eBay ad it was used on the set of Burn Notice, though no one has seen it appear in an episode (and only two episodes of the series left: sept 05 and sept 12 on the USA Network). We do know that the producer had been hunting a surrey for the show, but never learned what happened to their search. Well, I guess they found one.

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3 Comments on “1959 DJ-3A Surrey in Burn Notice and on eBay

  1. Bruce

    The jeep pictured above with Micheal & Fiona is not the jeep the seller has for sale, The jeep pictured above is 56337-19055 which has been up for sale many times over the last few years.
    The jeep the guy states was used in an episode of Burn Notice is listed as
    We wish it could have been our friend Bill Brown’s Surrey that was used, but happy to find two more for the list and anxious to see if 16301 made it onscreen.

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    I’ll get the correct photo on there. I figured since the photo was next to the burn notice graphic, it was the one they were selling. Silly me 🙂

    – Dave

  3. Bruce

    seller has kind of confused the listings, having info wrong at first, using pics of 2 different jeeps in the selling of one. It looks like he is trying to straighten it all out, he has removed some of the pics of 19055 from his listing for 16301 and omitting the incorrect info such as automatic trans & V8 so it was easy to get confused trying to figure out what he was selling.

    I think he was listing several vehicles and just didnt get all the boxes changed. Until we actually see what jeep shows up in the show we really dont know which was used, we just have to assume and you know what they say about that.

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