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Cambodia Jeep’s Lotos Rallye 2014

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Cambodia Jeep, which provides jeep (m151) tours through Cambodia will be running another two week adventure they call the Lotos Rallye 2014. It takes place January 18 – January 31. It’s approx $6000 or 4,400 Euros.  You can see a few photos and a video from their 2013 Lotos Rallye here. I just need to sell a few many more books and I can go . . .


More information at these sites:


3 Comments on “Cambodia Jeep’s Lotos Rallye 2014

  1. tom in nc

    check out the video. reminds me of rat patrol on ice cream.

    some americans liks south east asia. i don’t. you could take the same trip along the coast of brazil for half that cost. stay in nice/small hotels with AC and eat normal food. but to each his own. but trust me, the girls in Brazil are better looking with more body then they girls in Asia.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    So, if Ann has to choose between the two, she’ll be sending me to Asia then . . . lol. Actually, both countries are on my list to visit.

  3. tom in nc

    too much polution in asia. too many people. the coastline of brazil besides the coastal cities are empty.

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