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1953 M-38A1 Stewart Warner Heater & Instructions

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I spotted this ten page Stewart Warner 978 heater Instruction manual on eBay. Then I found what I believe is the actual heater itself. Seems like a neat combo.


Here’s the heater: It is a Southwind Stewart Warner 978 M heater. This looks to be for a 6V vehicle though.

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5 Comments on “1953 M-38A1 Stewart Warner Heater & Instructions

  1. Alaska Paul

    These heaters are fantastic….. simple, safe and reliable. I have one on my M 38 that I converted to 12 volts. With two settings (low and high) the heater output is either 10,000 or 20,000 btu’s. Low heat requires one gallon of gasoline for eight hours of operation and high heat uses one gallon of gas every four hours of use. The perfect heater for Jeeps used during our long and cold winters.

  2. Donald MacKillop

    I just had one of these leaders dropped right into my lap. It’s never been installed. My buddy wants me to let him have it for his garage in the winter. I’m thinking maybe there is a better home. Anybody?

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