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1964 Kristi Snow Cat Model KT-4G

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Paul found this unique snow cat made from Kaiser parts. It appears to me to be a CJ-5 body with hardtop combined with a custom FC-looking cowl (with some buck teeth as a grille). There were only two KT-4G models made.

According to the Kristi Snowcat website, “This new vehicle, named the KT-4G, was designed with the aim to reduce costs by maximizing use of standard automotive parts. Kaiser Jeep supplied the CJ-series universal frame and body, while power was delivered by a Chevrolet 6-cylinder engine mated to a Clark four-speed transmission and steering differential. The new Chevrolet engine was water-cooled, allowing for a car-like heating system.”

kristi-snowcat-kt4g2-brochure kristi-snowcat-kt4g1


18 Comments on “1964 Kristi Snow Cat Model KT-4G

  1. Steve E.

    This thing is really cool! Maybe the guy who built the military Weasle with an FC cab got his idea from this snow cat. I’ve never heard of a Kristi Snow Cat before now. This rig just needs a CJ-6 body for more room inside.

    A-a-argh, that Gladiator grill is just out of place.

    **Steve E**

  2. Robert Anderson

    Yep, and it even has the traditional Willys “Flat Fender” !!
    I would love to take that out in one of our Wisconsin winter storms …
    I like it.

  3. Bryton Foss

    I own one of the Kristi cats, I do not have the running gear or tracks, just the body, and the nose with all original interior and controls left in it. Since I do not have any of the running gear, I plan to put the body on a bombardier bombi chassis.

  4. Bryton Foss

    I believe mine is the lighter colored one in these black and white photos. The previous owner of it must have painted it but under the chipped paint, it is a red-orange color with a black front window frame.

  5. Chris Roth

    @Bryton Foss,
    Do you have any photos of KT-4G’s interior? Does the dash have a serial number on it? I would like to add it to the registry. Contact me on that webpage.


  6. Bryton Foss

    I do not have any photos at the moment, I can get back to you at a later date and also look for a serial number.

  7. David Eilers

    I can’t remember seeing one that has popped up for sale, but I haven’t been chasing any either.

    – Dave

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