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Odd VEEP-Like Aluminum Bodied VW Loomis, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

(10/18/2013) Scott forwarded this unusual vehicle with a Willys Grille.

“Jeep style VW powered aluminum dune buggy / parade car, looks like a Jeep, a real attention getter and conversation piece, a great advertisement vehicle, single port motor, runs good, $5500.00 ”

aluminum-vw-veep-car1 aluminum-vw-veep-car2 aluminum-vw-veep-car3 aluminum-vw-veep-car4


4 Comments on “Odd VEEP-Like Aluminum Bodied VW Loomis, CA **SOLD**

  1. Alaska Paul

    This vehicle looks way better than I expected from a multi-brand, VW powered buggy with a homemade body. The metal work looks good, the design shows a bit of style and the price seems reasonable.

  2. Robert Anderson

    Very impressive.
    I have built a few trikes over the years using VW engines. They perform very well.
    And I agree on this one….it does NOT look like a home built job.
    Price is very reasonable IMO also..

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