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Ford GP Goes Through Manuevers

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The September 1941 issue of Popular Mechanics (pg 3) features this photo of a Ford GP landing on to the ground. The article suggests there was a great deal of excitement over the jeep’s possibilities. I’ve included some of the text from the article (which covers a variety of war vehicles). The write discusses the potential for jeeps, then mentions a four wheeled ‘tank’ with independent suspension. To me that sounded a lot like the Tucker Combat Car.





3 Comments on “Ford GP Goes Through Manuevers

  1. Mark

    Just want to say thanks Dave, I enjoy these vintage pics and articals you find each day as much as I do your results in the Willys you find for sale.


  2. Randy M.

    Look at the left front fender….there is a smooth curve joining the flat top and rear angled portion…pre-production maybe?

    Neat picture. Imagine yourself as the driver!

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