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1950s Photo of People in a Navy Jeep on eBay

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Everyone in the Navy jeep seems happy.

“1950’s 4×5 Negative~Pretty girls on a Military vehicle, p10224
Description: Original vintage negative from the late 1950’s. Taken by Don Comoe who was the official photographer at Naval Air Station at Los Alamitos, CA.
Size: 4 x 5″”

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7 Comments on “1950s Photo of People in a Navy Jeep on eBay

  1. mws

    Interesting that it’s a MB in the late 50’s and not upgraded to a M38-A1. I guess if they were in good condition, they kept them in service. Be interesting to know the govt’s official replacement policies.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for the note Jim. Sorry to hear about your father’s passing. If this photo is indicative of his other photos, he did good work 🙂

    – Dave

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