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1961 FC-150 Hardeeville, SC $1999

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Walter spotted this. It seems longer than a 150 and shorter than a 170. I’m gonna go with 150.

“This jeep was running last year. My grandpa passed away and now I cant crank it. Needs work”




11 Comments on “1961 FC-150 Hardeeville, SC $1999

  1. Richard

    I also got an email back saying I would get more pictures, that’s been 3-4 days now though. They also didn’t really answer any of the questions I asked in my email. I think the price is a bit high, any thoughts on that?

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Richard: I don’t see enough info in the ad or pics to comment on the price. From my perspective, the price would have to be evaluated in-person. It doesn’t seem like a crazy price, especially if it is complete and doesn’t have much rust.

  3. Richard

    The only other picture I’ve gotten so far shows a fairly rusty drivers side floor, daylight coming through in about 4-5 places. I was thinking non-running, no bed, that rust being consistent across the board, that the price is high.

  4. Richard

    Joe, email me at and I will forward the pictures I got. I know we are both looking at purchasing the same vehicle but if I can’t get it in the end might as well be someone else who will appreciate it. I think I got 8-9 images, sent him an email back with some more questions and asking for a couple other specific images.

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