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Jeep Ambulance on Flickr

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I’m not sure  where this was taken, but it is so rare to find one of these jeep ambulances still around. If I have ever listed on for sale, I don’t remember it.



4 Comments on “Jeep Ambulance on Flickr

  1. Oscar

    This jeep is from Karlstad, Sweden (KLBILAR.SE) and for sale for $14,000
    It has 18,600 miles on the odometer, which could be real for a fire truck. This was delivered to Örebro Fire Department in the 50’s after the customized top (wood frame covered by sheet metal) was added. One of the unique features is a 15 feet telescopic mast with a spotlight powered by a PTO driven generator.
    It’s a 1956 model with a 6-226-4 engine.
    This information is available on their webpage, but it’s in Swedish… 😉

  2. Bob

    If you look at the roofline in the photo on the link, it’s very unusual. This would be a cool thing to see.

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