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Photo of Modified Airport FC-170

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Bob spotted this photo of a FC-170 built for airports. It’s caption read “New for 1957”. Like the CJ-5 and Jeep Truck airport vehicles, this likely had dual tanks, possibly for water, de-ice or refuse. Here are more examples at the CJ-3B page:



5 Comments on “Photo of Modified Airport FC-170

  1. Randy M.

    That looks like a lavatory service truck to me…..I gave them a wide berth when doing a preflight inspection!

  2. JoeB

    There appears to be some type of accessory below the front edge of the driver’s door.

    Just guessing, but I’ll bet that’s a folding step.

    FC cabs are notoriously “inconvenient” to climb in and out of. With a service truck such as this, the operator would likely be constantly hopping in and out. A lower step such as that appendage might possibly be certainly would come in handy.

    And, as if that’s not enough, here’s some further wild speculation…
    Perhaps it automatically folds down when the parking brake is activated? Is it just my elderly eyes, or does anybody else see a wire underneath it?

    1962 Willys Jeep FC-170

  3. Randy M.

    My guess it that it’s a step, as you said, but that it’s welded to the door….so it “extends” when the door is opened…..

    Easier to jump in and out and to clean the windshield!

  4. Steve E.

    I have an FC that a previous owner welded a step off the front bumper. I tend to step on the front hub. I’ve always wanted to invent a octagonal shape around the hub or attached it to the wheel lugs to keep my foot from slipping when wet. A few years ago I saw a similar step on the front hub on a Unimog (I think it was a Unimog.)

    **Steve E.**

  5. Matt

    United Airlines had some of them. They were lavatory service trucks. My dad was a mechanic for United when they had them. He use to tell me he hated working on them.

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