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Jeeping at Copper Creek in the Snow

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Last week Troy and some friends were jeeping in the snow at Copper Creek in Washington State. They were kind of looking for Christmas trees, but it was more about playing. Looks like a fun time.



5 Comments on “Jeeping at Copper Creek in the Snow

  1. Gerald

    Looks like an old school party to me. I couldn’t tell what year it was in the picture. Good Times like that are timeless.

  2. Steve E.

    It doesn’t get more fun that that! It has been about six years that four families would get together and we would spend all day in the mountains with the kids. Most years had snow, on the same day if we were lucky. After we finished finding the perfect tree, we ate great food and sat around the campfire, and headed for home at sundown. I’m glad to see this picture of the fun Troy had.

    **Steve E.**

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