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National Park Service Archive Aleutian Photos

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Here’s a neat photo from the NPS archives which appears to show a GPW (based on the bumper) parked in front of a B-25H. This was possibly taken in the Aleutians somewhere.

nps-jeep-b25h-alaskaHere’s a photo of Howard Erwin Rummel in front of a jeep from the same archives:



3 Comments on “National Park Service Archive Aleutian Photos

  1. scramboleer

    Cool pics. Our grandpa was on Attu in ’43; his group was supposed to go to Africa. Oops. That’s a great link. Some of those NPS pictures are on Attu (e.g. Massacre Bay). Based on the photos I’ve seen of Attu, I don’t think that one with the B-25H is on Attu, but could be one of the larger Aleutians like Unalaska.

    Here’re some pics of WWII life on Attu, one with a Jeep:

    Here’s a a good one from nearby island of Kiska:

  2. Flyingfish

    Great photos yes and thanks for sharing.

    One question though, in the photo of the attu/jeep what are the shoe like boxes on the right hand fender with round fittings on them ??

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