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Still from the 1955 Movie “Jump Into Hell” on eBay

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Never heard of the movie “Jump into Hell“.


This vintage original still shows a VERY RARE photo of JACQUES SERNAS (second soldier from the left) and other soldiers firing their guns from the cover of an ARMY JEEP.

Moviephoto from the movie: Jump Into Hell: The Gallant Stand At Dienbienphu
Year of the photo: 1955
Size of the photo: Approximately 8 x 10”

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3 Comments on “Still from the 1955 Movie “Jump Into Hell” on eBay

  1. Walter

    Dien Bien Phu was the breaking point for the French in French Indo China. The Legion was in a fortified air strip with mountains surrounding. The Viet Minh surrounded them and pounded them until surrender. This broke the French and led to their final withdrawal and the creation of a North and South Viet Nam. They tried the same at Khe Sahn but the US Marines and airpower were able to hold off the NVA and keep the Marines resupplied. Excellent book title Hell in a very small place covers the battle.

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