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CJ-2A at Desert Queen Ranch

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Roy shared a link on Facebook’s Jeep Thing. It was part of a Desert Queen Ranch at Joshua Tree National Park. If you want to see the jeep in person make sure to get reservations, because you have to be part of a guided tour.


From Wikipedia (

Here’s a neat link that shows a panorama which includes the jeep. Below is a partial photo from that panorama. It’s a perspective you don’t normally see.




10 Comments on “CJ-2A at Desert Queen Ranch

  1. Mark S.

    Dave, a website question – I know my computer is old and slow(hoping Santa brings me a new one), what is the easiest way to go back from the comment page to the original listing? The back arrow always brings me back to the top of the page. I thought it used to go back to the listing.

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    Based on my tests, the modern versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox should bring you back to the post you’ve left when you hit the back button. However, sometimes the page must completely load first before the browser takes you down the home page to the listing you were viewing.

    To further test, I need to know which browser and which version of that browser you are using.

    An alternative strategy is to “right click” (assuming you are using a PC) on the comment link and choosing “new window”. This will open up the comment in a new browser window.

    – Dave

  3. Colin Peabody

    The panoramic view makes one think it is a scene from a Roy Rogers TV show! Long Live Roy, Dale and Nellybelle in our memories!

  4. Mark S.

    Dave, thanks for the reply, I am using Internet Explorer(IE-7). This is a older version, but I probably won’t change until I replace this computer.

  5. mmdeilers Post author


    I understand the reluctance to upgrade. On the positive side, when you do upgrade, I can guarantee the site will look better. I have not styled it for IE lower than IE9.

    – Dave

  6. Steve E.

    That scene is awesome. It almost looks like a model scene, but it’s really an outdoor diorama. I’ve visited that desert, but I’ve never been to the Desert Queen Ranch. It would take many years to rust away that heavy sheet metal in the California sun. It’s probably a nice home to some chuckwalla. But, I must agree that the old Jeep would rather be painted and driven daily, than sitting in an outdoor museum.

    **Steve E.**

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