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Sarafan Jeep Parts Catalog on eBay

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Here’s an unusual parts catalog.

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5 Comments on “Sarafan Jeep Parts Catalog on eBay

  1. Mike Finegan

    Sarafan was established by a ex GI with the last name of Sarafan after the war. I lived close by just across the New York state line in New Jersey. Back in the old days, 1950’s -1960’s, it was hard to find parts for an old Willys Jeep. Your local auto parts store just didn’t stock parts. Sarafan was a dealer is Army surplus vehicles and developed a market for Willys parts. It was located off of Main St. Spring Valley, NY, Rockland County. I remember riding past the business many times as a child when we went to Lake Sabago. Any way, long story short, one day back in the 90’s I needed a windshield frame for my CJ5 and Sarafan had a new one at the right price. Over the phone I asked for directions and was told; when I got to Main St. to look for the “green tank “. They were located in the back and hard to see from the main st. So when I arrived, I was looking for a large “water tank” high in the sky. After 45 minutes I was about to give up looking, when I turn around and see a huge “GREEN ARMY TANK” behind me. Then came the dawn; Army tank, not water tank. Sarafan is no longer located in NY; last time I checked they had moved to Florida. Just as a footnote; John Van Dine was another ex GI that had a Jeep Parts business at 155 Route 17 Paramus, NJ about 10 miles from Sarafan. These were the only 2 places you could buy parts in north Jersey for your Willys vehicles. If anybody remembers Van Dine”s or stories about Sarafan’s, let me know. And yes, there was Morris Ratner the “Jeepster Man” in Howel Twp. (central NJ)

  2. peter guattery

    i remember this place. used to do lots of business with the old man and his sons, david and mike. i remember seeing many jeeps in crates-back in the seventies. if you needed something jeep or military-this was the place to go!! i miss these guys! i believe that david is out in southwest doing military bikes.

  3. Bruce

    I remember going here from Elmira, NY with my father back in 1968 to find parts for our Dodge weapons carrier.

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