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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Pepsi Surrey Madness

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I had no idea there were this many Pepsi Surreys produced.  I can’t believe someone didn’t get this photo in color. Eighteen of these were sent to Tulsa. I can’t imagine there aren’t a few stragglers still in the area. This photo is from the March 1960 issue of Jeeps News.

Oklahoma Pepsi Surreys

Oklahoma Pepsi Surreys2


12 Comments on “Craig’s Pic of the Week: Pepsi Surrey Madness

  1. Mark S.

    I have never heard of the Pepsi Surrey, were they pink or blue? I’m surprised they didn’t have them specially painted Pepsi blue(red,white).

  2. Colin Peabody

    I think this article was actually done in March 1960 as the 18 Surreys were readied for transport to Tulsa. I have articles and news accounts from March and April 1960 about the arrival of the Surreys and the contest in the Tulsa area.

    As for the paint schemes, most of the photos we have seen are of the Cerulean Blue paint and one with red white and blue, but all had the Pepsi Stripes on the tops, seats, spare tire covers and the valances that went around the top of the tub at the rear. Willys had a special part number for that fabric entitled Pepsi Cola Surrey fabric.

    There are several of us trying to track down the numbers on these Surreys and we thank Craig for sending this to Dave and to Dave for printing it. Derek at the CJ3B page has benn very good about posting Pepsi Surrey information on his site. If any of you have run across a Pepsi Surrey, please let me know either through eWillys or my email:

  3. hugh

    The 2012 kaiser willys catalog features a 1960 pepsi surrey that a guy bought from a pepsi distrubutor in milwaukee that had five of them.. Its painted a light bluish green and cream color with yellow and white striped top and seats.

  4. Colin Peabody

    Michael Wierda’s Surrey belonged to a Pepsi distributor who had 5 of them, equipped with trailer hitches for pulling promotional trailers. Michael’s grandfather bought this one from the Pepsi distributor, then passed it to Michael’s father and now to Michael and his brother. I do have the info on this Surrey in my database. The color is Cerulean blue and the white is more cream than Glacier White. This Pepsi Surrey has been well cared for by this family.

  5. Craig Brockhaus

    Oops, my bad also. I checked again and it was 1960. Thanks for keeping me on the straight & narrow Colin! That issue also had a ton of other surrey pics, mostly geared towards women. Nothing else on the Pepsi Surreys.

  6. Colin Peabody


    If you can copy some of the other Surrey articles and email them to me, I would appreciate it. Any info we can get on the Surreys is an added bonus to what we already “don’t know!!!”

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