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Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX

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Published at the Jurgen Chronicles:

Dallas Durham recently visited the Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX, and photographed some of the toy jeeps. After searching the internet, I learned that Silent Wings is the official museum of the National World War II Glider Pilots Association. It looks like an interesting place, so when we go through Texas (maybe after the FC-Roundup), we’ll definitely stop there.

Here are a few links related to Silent Wings.

They have at least one jeep. I’ve seen a photo of the jeep inside the glider and outside, so I can’t guarantee how it is currently presented. Here are photos published on the Jurgen Chronicles of it outside the glider:

silent-glider-museum-jeep-lores silent-glider-museum-jeep2-lores

Here are Dallas’ photos of the toys:

silent-glider-museum-toy1 silent-glider-museum-toy2

silent-glider-museum-toy3 silent-glider-museum-toy4 silent-glider-museum-toy5



2 Comments on “Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX

  1. Dallas Durham

    Hi David, unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the jeeps themselves. They actually have two jeeps, one inside the glider and the other outside it. They also have a Clark CA-1 glider-sized bulldozer.

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