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1955 M-38A1C Phoenicia, NY eBay


UPDATE: The starting bid is only $600.

“55′ M38A1″C” army jeep for restoration. A rare 106mm recoilless rifle version of the m38a1. Jeep body is pretty beat, but still has some hard to find accessories that can be transferred to a better body. Engine is the original, but does not turn over. Frame is very nice, with the coil helper springs in the back. Sold as is, no warranty…Bill of sale only.”

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One comment on “1955 M-38A1C Phoenicia, NY eBay

  1. Mark S.

    not a lot left to work with, too bad the slotted windshield is missing. Still worth $600 in parts, especially if 24 volt parts are there.

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