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Photo of CJ-3B Tour Jeep Circa 1962 on eBay

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UPDATE: Brett noted the jeep is transporting the elephant. I originally thought the elephant was behind the jeep (after all, who transports an elephant in a jeep). Of course, sometimes they’ve been known to drive one.

Marc pointed out that this ‘Tour Jeep’ CJ-3B appears to have an extended rear. It looks like to me it  can carry extra people. The photo is circa 1962 and is probably from Africa. I wish we had a side shot of it. The photo is located in France, but shipping is free.

“vintage silver press print,
Tirage argentique
Circa 1962”

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9 Comments on “Photo of CJ-3B Tour Jeep Circa 1962 on eBay

  1. Brett

    Had to take many looks at the pic but it almost looks like they are transporting the elephant. That would be a feat. It’s front leg makes it looks like its in the Jeep.

  2. Blaine

    The pic is bigger on ebay. Look carefully at the “tail” end of the elephant. That end is in the Jeep.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Now that you say it, I agree. I assumed the elephant was behind the jeep. It never occurred to me they’d put the elephant IN the jeep.

  4. Dennis H.

    I was thinking the same thing when I first looked at the picture…but didn’t say anything for fear of ridicule! Do you see the UFO’s in the upper left of the picture? Oh well, time for another Corona!

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