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Cadillacs in a Dumpster

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Along the Miami River, among the island freighters, machine shops and boat yards is this bizarre sight at the Byrd Commercial Divers’ yard. Is it art, trash or a statement?  While a jeep is not visible, we can only assume there is a stout CJ-2A holding up the turquoise Cadillac. Maybe an someone knows what this display is about? And the model & year of each car?   Google map link:

Cadillac Dumpster Miami River 2 Cadillac Dumpster Miami River 5


5 Comments on “Cadillacs in a Dumpster

  1. Buz

    The one with the tail fins showing is a 1959 Caddy, the one with the front sticking out could be a 59 or a 60, it’s hard to tell from this angle. Certainly the parts value of both of these cars far surpasses what they would bring as scrap metal. Just proves that there is no shortage of stupidity these days, probably some heirs cleaning up grandpa’s yard who have no idea what they even are.

  2. Robert Anderson

    A shame indeed..
    There looks to be one complete tail light on that ’59 that is worth ~$75 bucks alone… 🙁

  3. Kurt K

    These are leftovers from the filming of Starz’ Magic City (anyone remember the ’59 dumped in the Everglades in Season 1? They CGI’ed everything EXCEPT the car). Didn’t realize these hulks wound up on the Miami River.

    The black ’59 (yep, ’59, not a ’60) was in one piece when it first rolled in, though it was rotten from the bottom up so badly that you wouldn’t believe. It’s in two pieces, and I don’t see the back end in these shots. The green ’59 is a mystery to me, as it wasn’t on the set during the 3 days I worked on that show.

    Still a shame that these got cut up and shoved to this shipping yard than being passed on to someone who could make use of the remains.

  4. Kurt K

    Unfortunately, series turned out to be a bomb. Some nice period car sightings though (not to mention an accidental top shot of a current Ford Explorer).

    Been thinking about the chopping of these two cars. I’ll bet that the GM X-frame made these ’59s a breeze to slice in half.


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