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2 Jeepsters @ the Mecum Auction This Past Weekend

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Roger had a chance to move vehicles for the 2014 Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida, this weekend. He reported that a 1948 Jeepster went for $42,000 (blue one below) and a 1950 for $39,000 (red). Roiger says both were perfect, better then new.

Here’s pics of both. First the ’48 and then the ’50.

1948-jeepster-mecum-auction1111 1948-jeepster-mecum-auction111 1948-jeepster-mecum-auction11

1948-jeepster-mecum-auction11950-jeepster-mecumauction1 1950-jeepster-mecumauction2 1950-jeepster-mecumauction3



9 Comments on “2 Jeepsters @ the Mecum Auction This Past Weekend

  1. Doug Holdrege

    My wife and I were at Mecum’s Auction and saw the blue one sell, they were both exceptional.

  2. Mark S.

    I can’t understand why the hoods fit so poorly on these jeepsters. The door gaps are O.K., but the hoods fit terrible.

  3. Brian in Fenton

    The one underhood shot shows and F Head. How can that be? Nice update but I would have assusmed for this kind of money the engines go be correct.

  4. Brian in Fenton

    Well, I learned something tonight. The F head was first available in the Jeepster in 1950.

    I would have lost that bet. I thought the first year for the F head anywhere what 1953.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Brian. My advice, when it comes to jeeps, never bet anything. lol. There’s an exception to nearly every rule it seems 🙂

  6. Brian in Fenton

    Ah, yes. But eWillys is a sure bet for a great read and our daily fix for jeep junkies. You are my lunch companion every day. Thanks for the continued hard work!

  7. Roger

    These were very nice resto jobs, there is one more going thru this week, and a truck or two. working again this sat and sun, check them out on, if you have any questions I can personnaly look at it. I have to tell you guys how much fun this was, it was like going to a huge car show, the perk is, that you get to drive them all, try that at a car show. maybe i’ll end up in the 53 corvette proto-type this weekend.

  8. Colin Peabody

    The hoods on nearly all the 48-49 flat grille Jeepsters fit poorly, raised towards the front of the fenders. The F-head 4 cylinder engines were introduced in the 1950 Jeepster, Station Wagons (both 2 and 4WD), pickup trucks and panel deliveries. Some of the 1949 styled Jeepsters and Station wagons were sold as 1950 models and those had the L-head 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

    Both of these Jeepsters were presented by Jeepster Jim and he and his crew do a pretty good job on the Jeepsters. They do not usually have factory colors, like the 48 shown here. He uses some pastel colors which look great on the Jeepsters, just not factory correct.

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