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The Textbook Restoration of a M-677 @ TheFCConnection

• CATEGORIES: Builds, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

Craig just let me know that he updated “The Textbook Restoration of a M-677” at TheFCConnection. This looks like a great build!



7 Comments on “The Textbook Restoration of a M-677 @ TheFCConnection

  1. Bob

    That is a very nice example of an m677. Those are just as rare as can be, even more so with the original diesel. those diesels were cool, but they were a total dog.

  2. Steve E.

    Fantastic series of photos. This truck is in excellent shape right now. What’s the word for better than excellent, after it’s finished?

    **Steve E.**

  3. Alaska Paul

    Excellent photos which document an amazing restoration of a rare Jeep. Thank you for sharing your photos and comments with Jeep fans everywhere. Well done!

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