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Year? M-38A1 Dumpbed East Wenatchee, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price

Here’s an unusual setup.

“Owned by a local irrigation district and used to haul concrete to canal since the 60’s. Back has been cut out to allow dump to operate and passenger seat is gone so dump parts could be placed there, Engine does not appear to be original but runs and was maintained but needs a good tune up. Spent 200 on rebuilding dump so I could haul concrete threw narrow openings and haul rocks. Have not used it since I rebuilt it but did try it a few times. Dents from years of abuse. Original stars. No data plates or title. Irrigation district lost title and some dumb deputy told them to sell it to get a salvage only paperwork. Tried to explain to them what they did but they were not getting it. Said this is fine since it was told to them by a deputy. I do have a bill of sale. And if you can get them to understand great. Does have numbers on frame. I wanted to trade it for a Minelab metal detector or a White Detector and probe and hoops worth about 1500. ie: a V3i white or Minelab Safari. Might have tail light covers and a few smalls that go with the M38A1. (Triangle on back not included)”

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3 Comments on “Year? M-38A1 Dumpbed East Wenatchee, WA **SOLD**

  1. Mark S.

    was this the one that was listed before without a picture?( I doubt there are two) Seller does not want to include triangle on back, Rare? Unique idea but pretty tough on a 1/4 ton jeep when full of concrete.

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