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GPAs from Around the World

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Mark asked about finding a SEEP in a museum. So, I this post reflects GPAs in museums and  around the world. I’m sure there are others. If you know of any more, please email me a link or add it to the comments.

In Bangkok, Thailand, this SEEP is housed with several other jeeps at the Chokchai Museum. This video shows a short walk around. That might be a M-606 next to it.

The Wheatcroft Collection, in Leicester, England, has a great collection of vehicles, including this GPA. Here are many more photos of the collection.


Wheatcroft Collection Ford GPA

The Moscow, Russia, Victory Park has a GPA stored outside. This website includes a variety of closeups as well.


Russia-moscow-victory-park-ford-gpa2Back in 2010 I posted this GPA that’s housed in the South African Military Museum in Johannesburg.

The National Military History Center in Auburn, Indiana (not sure how we missed this place, as we saw two other museums there), features this GPA.


One museum I regret we didn’t see on our trip to the East Coast was the National Guard Militia Museum in New Jersey. The’ve got a great collection.


This GPA was feature at Boston’s Museum of Science, though I don’t know if it is still there. There are many closeup pics of this GPA here.



3 Comments on “GPAs from Around the World

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Oh good. That’s a better place to live. But, it sure did take some good photos outside 🙂

  2. Flyingfish/Marc

    Way back in the eighties there was a MB/GPW with a trailer that shared the space on the opposite side to the seep.
    Maybe someone knows what happened to that pair ?

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