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1965 M-606? Perkasie, PA eBay

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, M-606 (military CJ-3B)

The seller lists this as a 1965, but then in the description he lists it as a 1963. It doesn’t seem to have any ‘WILLYS’ or ‘JEEP’ stampings anywhere, suggesting it could be military.

“I am selling what I believe to be a rare M606 military issue jeep. Has swing-out windshield, front tow hooks, real trailer plug, headlight guards. Looks like military issue hard top.

Runs excellent, ready for parades or shows. Very, very, rare, an exceptional find. This is also known as a CJ3B /Kaiser, 1963”

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4 Comments on “1965 M-606? Perkasie, PA eBay

  1. Bob

    Too bad the photos are not a little bigger and better. I’d think it would have a tag identifying it as an M606 somewhere. I guess if I were trying to get $15,000 out of it, I’d provide more documentation than “I believe” it’s an M606.

  2. Pascal

    I don’t see any blackout light, either at the front or at the rear. A picture of the motor would let us see if the electrical stuff are waterproof or not.
    The dashboard data plate would help to identify it.
    I second Bob;”I’d provide more documentation than “I believe” it’s an M606.”

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