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Farm Jeep Parts Wanted

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A friend of mine is looking for the following hard-to-find parts for his farm jeep. He’s a serious buyer, but not real good with the internet, so has asked if I would help him try to find them. He’s willing to pay for shipping (using Uship) from anywhere in the US.

– Newgren lift
– Newgren single plow (or any other implements with tag)
– dual wheel adapters
– Koenig pto twin stick (50 & 58)
– Koenig half cab (complete and with tag)

Email me if you have something dave @


10 Comments on “Farm Jeep Parts Wanted

  1. Bob

    Agreed. You never know what’s out there to be had.

    I’d like to have a set of dual wheel adaptors, but as we know, that’s only the start. Then you need another two rims, two tires, paint for the rims, innertubes, studs for the adaptors, etc.

  2. Ted Jordan

    Hey Dave ,Ted again . I may be able to help your friend out with some of his wanted farm items . I’m going to be re listing my 48 2a farm jeep in a week or so now that the time is about right . If I dont get what I know its worth I will be selling some of the specialty rare stuff and keeping the jeep to ad more stuff to it that will suit my needs. The jeep in question can be found on your search if you punch in CJ2a monroe three point lift. It had the dual dual wheel adapters ,factory three point hitch ,keyed coil ,full pto with winch and lifting boom ,drum pulley ,governor,buzz saw ,shield and much much more. Since the ad ran last have included a bunch of nos stuff ,many spare parts and a killer Koenig steel half cab (restored to better than new condition) with original tag new glass ,paint and period correct locking handles . As mentioned if 2a doesnt bring what I know its worth I will be selling ,monroe setup ,the top ,governor ,drum pulley, and atleast one set of the spacers if not both . I will let you know when I get it listed ,or have your friend call me direct . I will send my number to your email
    Best regards Ted

  3. Hank

    What kind of overdrive do you need to fit your jeep?
    I would be very interested in a set of duel wheel adpaters. I ask you about them the last time you put a picture of Jimmy’s jeep in ewillys, that was a while ago. I am still looking for a set. Does Jimmy still have that jeep?

  4. Wayne

    I have a pto spicer pto set up includes everything shifter, drive shaft, and rear bumper gear box that i just rebuilt with all new bearings and races. I also have many many parts for old willys kaiser jeeps 48-83 and tuxedo parts. if you guys need anything give me a call 717-873-1703

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