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1942 GPW SAS-Themed Murray, UT **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $31,000. Status Unknown.

(11/17/2014) Looks like they were having some fun in the photo. Numbers aren’t matching.

“1942 GPW Ford Jeep restored in 2010 as a British SAS Vehicle, battling the Axis power in North Africa in early 1940s. Always stored indoors.

Rebuilt Ford Engine (does not match with frame serial #), original restored frame, original restored seats, removed back seat to add rear machine gun. Includes .50 cal M2 AA machine gun on the passenger side, Acetylene/Oxygen actuated (includes small battery and the two gas tanks) – a $5,000 @ cost. Dual Resin/Metal Vickers K Machine gun on pedestal, and single Vickers K Machine gun on driver side. Please note that the twin Vickers K have been relocated (from photos) on a central back pedestal. Water condensing unit located on front bumper. x8 Gas Jerry Can on rear fenders, and x4 Water Jerry Cans on hood (most marked between 1945-1955). Six combat wheels since two wheels are spares.

Included Reproduction and RARE Bagnold Sun Compass in working condition – $1,000 value.
Included Reproduction Thomspon machine gun on hood, British water bottles, British back packs, British misc equipment filling the back.
Included SAS full uniform with shorts, KD shirt, belt, hand gun in holster (reproduction, not functioning), scarf, SAS patch



5 Comments on “1942 GPW SAS-Themed Murray, UT **Status Unknown**

  1. Mike Finegan

    Thirty one thousand dollars, Who has that kind of “Play money” to spend on a Jeep, I don’t. INSANE!!!

  2. Robert Perez

    Nice jeep ! I have one too .
    I’m looking for the twin Vickers to go with it .
    If you know of someone who is selling some good replicas I would appreciate the information !
    Thanks and have a great day .


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