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Doron’s 1942 GPW Tribute to his Father

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Doron Segal from Israel shared these photos. In memory of his father, Doron has rebuilt a 1942 GPW with the number “4062”.  His father served in the “Samson Foxes“.

The two photos below are from a fifteenth club event in Israel, 2010 (see more current photos here).  Doron can be seen driving his GPW in the first one:

doron-segal-1942-gpwdoron-segal-1942-gpw2Here are some vintage photos. They jeeps shown are a mix of MB/GPWs, CJ-2As and a Lefty CJ-2A. It looks like the rear extension was a must-have modification. Note the number on the jeep in the first photo.

samson-foxes-israel-doron3-lefty samson-foxes-israel-doron2 samson-foxes-israel-doron1

samson-foxes-israel-doron4 samson-foxes-israel-doron9 samson-foxes-israel-doron8 samson-foxes-israel-doron7And a couple more current photos:

samson-foxes-israel-doron5 doron-segal-1942-gpw3


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  1. Flyingfish/Marc

    If memory serves correct these are of French origin, the tread pattern that is. Maybe some of the readers in Europe can shed some light.

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