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1958 Wagon Elsah, IL eBay

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The seller put some time, energy, and money into this rebuild.

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“I’m selling my 1958 Jeep Willys Wagon. I have put so much into this Jeep, I think it’s one of the better buy’s for this price to be found. This Jeep is NOT 100% restored, but I drive this Jeep just about everyday. I am at a point where I need to start putting my money into my “new” house. I bought this Jeep for $2,000 as a rust bucket in 2010 (rust free jeep now, as I have cut out all rust and welded in new metal parts). I have put over $15,000 into this Jeep since then and am only looking to get half my money back. If you have any questions please email me. If you live around St. Louis, MO come take a look/drive. If you live far away, I can pick you up from the airport if you like. I would never buy a car without driving/looking at it first. However, if you’re not able to make the trip and still want it, please asking me anything and I’ll do my best to answer. I have a lot more parts into this but have only listed a few that total $7,128.76, plus the $2,000 I paid for the Jeep to illustrate the value of my asking price. Remember, if you did this yourself… you would have to install all the parts (transmission, L-226) or pay to have someone do the work for you…the prices listed are just the prices for the parts. I have been to three Jeep willys salvage yards (Montana, Vermont, New York) to find most of the parts. This has been a three year, round the country search to make this Jeep what it is today. Happy Bidding.

. Rebuilt transmission and transfer case (4/10/2012) – $1,000
. Rebuilt L-226 Super Hurricane (6/26/2012) – $2,475.00
. New Master Brake Cylinder $59.48
. Speedometer Cable Assembly 60″ $17.99
. Lower Tailgate to Body Hinge $59.99
. Windshield Glass Weatherseal $67.50
. Two Rear Quarter Fixed Side Window Glass $71.98
. Two Fuzzy Channel Door Glass Run Kits $107.98
. Swivel Vent Wind Wing Door $71.10
. Two Side Sliding Window Glass $75.98
. Two Upper Tailgate Window Glass $75.98
. Two Fuzzy Channel Side Sliding Glass Run Kits $94.50
. Two Door to Body Weatherseal 152″ $44.98
. Transfercase Dual Shift Lever Rubber $17.09
. Transmission Shift Lever Knob $5.39
. Two Chrome clamp on Door Mirror Kits $47.48
. Replacement Stainless Windshield $18.90
. Complete Wiring Harness $ 314.99
. Plastic Glove Box Standard Size $44.99
. Mechanics (Service) Manual $38.99
. Floor Pan Repair Panel for Passenger $95.00
. Floor Pan Repair Panel for Drivers $95.00
. Replacement Rear Quarter Panel Passenger $274.00
. Replacement Rear Quarter Panel Drivers $274.00
. Lower Cowl Steel Repair Panel for Passenger $65.00
. Lower Cowl Steel Repair Panel for Driver $65.00
. Front Hood Weatherseal Kit, 55″ $14.99
. Rear Hood Weatherseal Kit, 55″ $.14.99
. Cowl Vent Lid Weatherseal, 36″ $8.99
. Two Rear of Wind Wing Vertical Division $40.50
. Used Heater $75.00
. Used Heater Controles $35.00
. Used Glove Box Door $30.00
. Used Radio Delete Door $30.00
. Used Hood $75.00
. Rear Hatch Glass $75.00
. Rear Qtr Glass $120.00
. Used Horn Button & Wiring $45.00
. Two inside Door Handles $50.00
. Two inside window cranks $50.00
. Rare Hood Ornament $125.00
. Used Steering Wheel $75.00
. Wiper Blade Arms $35.00
. Paint and Clear coat $511.00
. Jeep Willys Spotlight $95.00
. original briggs and stratton ignition $45.00

total: $7,128.76″


2 Comments on “1958 Wagon Elsah, IL eBay

  1. Steve E.

    Nice looking Wagon. Why is the air filter inside the cab? It almost looks like it’s connected to the heater. It shouldn’t be hard to put the winch back on that front bumper.

    **Steve E.**

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