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1958 Maverick Wagon San Diego, CA $7000

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UPDATE: Bill Norris learned this is the 5th Maverick produced. In addition, only the first 100 had the rare emblem.

(06/28/2013) This is a stock wagon with a rare set of Maverick emblems on the side. Note the hood emblem.

“’58 Willys Wagon, Maverick model for sale, daily driver surf wagon
Recently restored, all work done within the last year.
Engine F4-134 with 125 psi in each cylinder
3 speed manual transmission, no overdrive
FUEL System; new poly tank, new sending unit, new fuel lines, new mechanical fuel pump, rebuilt original carb.
COOLING System; overhauled radiator, new hoses, new water pump, new thermostat
BRAKES; new wheel cylinders, new master cylinder, new brake switch.
ELECTRICAL System; 12 volt, complete new rewire, overhauled generator, new voltage regulator, new turn indicator, new high beam switch, all gauges work.
IGNITION System; new plugs, wires, new coil, new electronic distributor.
GLASS; all original, new fuzzy tracks on sliders, all functional.
NEW TIRES; of course!
BODY; original patina, surface rust only.
INTERIOR; re paneled in wood, no rust in floors.

Wife insists on having her garage back! Cash only, no trades
Please reply with your phone number.”






15 Comments on “1958 Maverick Wagon San Diego, CA $7000

  1. Bob

    Cormorants are nasty things. They are invading the lakes around here and crap all over.

    Wonder if this guy knows its an auto or is it just a column shift?

  2. tom

    Doesn’t look like marverick interior?? Usually a silver weave material around speedo–not painted like this wagon. Could it be a clone???

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    It’s possible. Maybe since it’s a first year version it’s a little different?

  4. scramboleer

    I don’t know for sure, but my guess is with Dave – the first year (1958) didn’t have the silver weave speedo surround. According to the Willys America ID guide, only 1958 Maverick had the Kaiser-emblems (the giant chrome arrow in the circle on the fender) near the chrome 7 trim. This disappeared in 1959.

  5. keith

    In this case it may mean “ran when parked”.

    I learned something today. I never saw those cool emblems before!

  6. Bill Norris

    The very earliest Mavericks did not have the weave dash.

    Because it has the Kaiser emblems on it, this is one of the first 100 built.

    It should be column shift.

    The side chrome is actually made of two pieces. The later ones used a solid one piece.

    This is really rare and a neat find.


  7. scramboleer

    Also, having grown up on the coast of California, you have to watch out for salt air… it gets to everything. Eastern San Diego County is quite arid however. Depending on where it’s been (and where it is in Oceanside) can make a big difference.

  8. Bill Norris

    According to the owner, this is serial number 58147-10005- the fifth Maverick ever built!


  9. Bill Norris

    Forgot to mention, the white dash around the speedometer was only in 1958 models. Only 100 were like that.


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