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The Taylors of Walnut Hill (from 1948)

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The Taylors of Walnut Hill, Kansas, were featured in the March 1948 issue of Country Gentleman. They owned the Walnut Hill Hereford Ranch. I googled the ranch, but it no longer appears active under that name.

According to the article, “Tom Taylor bought his his CJ-2A jeep with some misgivings, but the jeep is probably his favorite piece of equipment. He now declares he wouldn’t know how to farm without it.”


Closeup of the CJ-2A

The article also notes, “The most original item is their repair-trailer, a wheeled frame of six-inch tubular steel which serves as compressed-air tank, carrying its own power, equipped for spray-painting, lubrication-pressure, welding and acetylene-torch cutting.”


Custom trailer for welding, cutting and mobile power. It appears the CJ-2A has an bed extender along with an extra tall rear seat (custom seat?).




5 Comments on “The Taylors of Walnut Hill (from 1948)

  1. glennstin

    Those wheel inserts look something like those used on Chrysler products of the day. Also notice the front bumper weight.

  2. Mark S.

    Are those wheel inserts merely cosmetic or do they have a function? Are they tin, aluminum or plastic?

  3. Bill

    Look carefully at the rear wheel, 2nd picture. The reflection looks to me that it isn’t an insert or hubcap – it looks as if the inter-area of the wheel is painted a dark color with a light color pin-stripe. Dealers may have done some dress-ups in the day. Not long ago it was fashionable to pin-strip new cars. I have a friend that did that – went from dealership to dealership

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