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The ‘Kruse’ WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, In

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UPDATE:  There was a report the museum might have closed, but Renee reports it is still open. 

(Originally post was from 2010) In early 2000, Dean Kruse purchased the entire collection of a closed Belgium museum. On September 4, 2000, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new 192,000 square foot American Heritage Museum that would house the former Belgian collection on a site in Auburn, Indiana. The museum complex opened in early 2003, with the WWII Victory Museum housed in the south wing of the complex.  Read the entire history here from cybermodeler. This looks like a big place with multiple museums.

These photos were shot by Rick and Orinda:

These photos were located at the cybermodeler online site


11 Comments on “The ‘Kruse’ WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, In

  1. Bob

    What’s the story on the Jeep with the serial number 20109113? It doesn’t look right. The headlights look different, windshield and the hood rests for it, plus the fuel fill. Is that just an amateur restoration?

  2. frank

    …..7 slot grille, solid windshield, semi-floating rear end, locking hubs, no tool indents, etc…… maybe someone donated their resto to the museum. still a nice jeep.

  3. deilers

    That might be a M-38 grille on that jeep. I think I can just make out the hinges. I wonder if they shipped that over from Belgium or obtained it in the US. It’s a strange mish mash. I hope they didn’t pay good money for it.

  4. Gerald

    I have been to this place. The gems are the European and German equipment and not the US. It is an odd collection of things but some of it is incredible. Now I read it was a collection brought over from Europe, makes sense.

  5. Glennstin

    Wonder if the reason “The WWII Victory Museum” link doesn’t work has anything to do with the Kruse Auction star falling. Please, somebody local,update us before we spend $4-5 gas to get there only to find a creditors lock on the door. Been much going on in Auburn since Dec. 2010.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Glenn .. I’ve updated the post. I”m not sure what’s happening with that place, but a quick google search suggests problems. I need to read more ……

  7. Renee Whitaker

    I live in Auburn and the museum IS still open. It didn’t get “lost” or repossesed in the bankruptcy. Just a current update.

  8. Keith

    I sure wouldn’t drive far to get there until someone has been there in person.
    The MVPA drawing archive was there until the auction and LOT of things left there in a very BIG HURRY .

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