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1962 Jeep Trip into Canyonlands

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UPDATE: It looks like a few of these photos are reversed, especially the one below.


1962 Canyonlands Trip to film “The Sculptured Earth”

Frazier discovered these 1962 Canyonlands trip photos within the digital archives of the University of Utah. He’s a big Landrover fan, but also has a soft spot for old jeeps, too.

He wrote, “I thought you might be interested in these pictures I found in the University Of Utah’s digital library.  They were taken during the filming of “The Sculptured Earth”, which was a film to promote the creation of Canyonlands National Park. You’ll have to excuse the university watermarks, but they are some pretty great shots..  (and yes, as you’ve probably found out by my email I’m a huge Land Rover fan…. But I have a deep obsession/respect for the vehicle that started it all!)

According the to the University of Utah, The Sculptured Earth (see the photos below and more here)” was a 45-minute film promoting the creation of Canyonlands National Park, produced by Charles Eggert in 1962 at the request of Interior Secretary Stewart Udall and the National Park Service.

1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall2 1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall3 1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall4

1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall5 1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall6 1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall7 1962-canyonlands-stewart-udall8


9 Comments on “1962 Jeep Trip into Canyonlands

  1. Sam Williams

    The Jeeps appear to have fuel tank fill on the right side … aftermarket or dual tanks?

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    I’ve seen a number of jeeps with the aftermarket installation of a passenger side tank. It wasn’t uncommon in the west.

    However, I believe in this case several of these photos are reversed. In the very top photo do you see how the area around the tank is slightly lower? That’s an indication it is the driver’s side. The passenger side never had that indentation. In addition, there mirrors in the top pic are driver side mirrors.

    In the next to the last photo you see the spare tire mounted where it is supposed to be and there is no mirror.

  3. Tom Ziemer

    The gentleman in the first pic and several subsequent ones with the blue denim shirt and light colored hat is Bates Wilson, family friend, consummate dutch oven chef, Superintendent of Arches National Park, and the man possibly most responsible for getting Canyonlands made into a national park. That is his light blue CJ with the half top. As kids, my mom and his daughter Cyndi would ride upright in the back, holding onto the roll bar. FYI, there’s a yearlong celebration of Canyonlands National Park this year in Moab, and it culminates in a ceremony September 12th of this year. A contemporary and surviving friend of Bates here, my Godfather handed off his Utility Wagon to me about 14 years ago, and though I live near Chicago, I intend to drive it back west for the celebration this fall.

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    I sure appreciate those insights. I wanted to do more research into identifying those in the photos, but have run out of time in preparation for our trip (starting tomorrow).

    We visited Canyonlands last year, but don’t have time this year. I guess we picked the wrong year! It sounds like a great event. Have fun and good luck with your drive. Feel free to share pics of your adventure with the wagon.

    – Dave

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