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1941 MB Slat Grille Virginia Beach, VA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: This probably sold locally. The seller ended the bidding on eBay.

Nice looking. LOTS of information.


“You are looking at a fully restored 1941 WILLYS MB slat grill Jeep in a factory class paint scheme. This Jeep is ready to drive and display – all canvas is included: Correct 6 strap canvas top and correct windshield cover as well as an original set of half doors. A toolkit is included and a few rare and original parts as well. Approx. 200 miles since restoration. This Jeep has a clear Virginia title. 2 keys are included with the Jeep.

On the very bottom of this description is a link to a large picture gallery. Make sure to check it out!
Serial: 107791
DOD: 12-30-1941

Frame: Original Frame with original serial number tag riveted in the LH bumper gusset reinforcement. No rust, no structural issues. “STL” marked steel pintle hook.

Body: Replacement slat grill body – modified to represent an original body with all the slat grill specific features. Rust free. Painted in 319 (early ww2 OD shade) with blue drab hood and rear panel numbers.3 stud spare tire carrier with lock for H700 keys. Windshield has 2 manual wipers and new safety glass installed. Hardware is marked TR20 in a lot of places. The canvas fasteners on top of the WS frame are the correct push type and are NOS.

Engine: WILLYS MB engine serial MB-622577 in very good running condition – no smoke, no skips and no leaks. Compression test Feb 2014: Cylinder 1: 108psi; Cylinder 2: 105psi; Cylinder 3: 92psi; Cylinder 4: 93psi. Carburetor is rebuilt. AC Pancake oil bath air cleaner is original. Tall cross over tube bracket; Distributor is rebuilt with new points, condenser, rotor and brown rotor cap. Original cloth wrapped glossy spark plug wires and rain shields. A correct W1 cast 11-28-1941 dated cylinder head is included – this head is decked and magnafluxed and ready to use. Oil pressure is 40-45psi cold idle and 30-35 warm idle.

Transmission: Rebuilt T84 transmission – correct RH side fill and drain plugs, shifts thru all gears, does NOT jump out of 2nd when coasting.

Transfer case: Rebuilt T18 transfer case, the interlock pin was removed – that allows you to use 4WD in high gear as well as 2WD in low gear (preferred for parades) – original thin shift levers.

Brakes: All new brake shoes and wheel cylinders as well as master cylinder and brake lines. The Jeep stops fine and does not pull to one side.

Steering: Original rebuilt slat grill ROSS steering gear with the raised collar around the sector shaft housing. All new tie rods and bell crank bearings.

Wheels and Tires: 5 solid drop center steel wheels with 6.00-16 NDTs made in the USA. Tires are 95%. Spare tire is an original “MILITARY” marked tire dated 1965. All new tubes. All tires hold air.

Electrical: 6V system – Starter: AUTO-LITE MZ-4113; Regulator: AUTO-LITE VRY-4302A; Generator: AUTO-LITE GEG-5002-D; Distributor: AUTO LITE IAD-4008.
Original TOBE-DEUTSCHMAN filterette under the dash. Correct Push-pull main light switch
All auxiliary equipment works the way it should. Battery is a commercial grade 800ca. battery made by NAPA and was installed Sept 2013. Ammeter indicates charging above idle.

Wiring: Correct wiring harness from VINTAGE WIRING of MAINE – the best, money can buy.

Lights: Original SEELITE headlight bulbs with correct CB marker lights with the rubber mounting pads and boots. Original CB service and stop taillights. All lights work the way they should incl. all BO lights, circuits and dash lights. Reflector bezels are marked TYGER-EY No.100 and have NOS plastic lenses installed.

Gages: Original speedometer with the 5mile increments on the dial; NO flaking numbers on the speedo wheels; speedometer cable is new; original GAS gage; original -30-0+30 ammeter; original oil pressure gage. Reproduction temperature gage. ALL gages work the way they should – speedometer shows accurate speed and the needle does NOT bounce.

Seats/Canvas: Correct split frame driver and passenger seat with the small mouth fuel tank opening. All canvas is made by the best and most accurate in business: WEEBEE Webbing in the USA. All seat cushions have the zippers – typical for early MBs. The top and windshield cover are made by WEEBEE as well and fit like a glove. This Jeeps has canvas installed worth over $1000 alone. Half doors are original – one is in very good shape, the other is NOS with 6 snaps missing.

On the very bottom of this description is a link to a large picture gallery. Make sure to check it out!

Here’s a list of slat grill specific features and parts as found on this Jeep:
· Willys slat grill frame with early MB battery tray with original zinc frame tag
· “STL” marked pintle hook
· Solid steel wheels
· Slat brush guard
· “WILLYS” embossed on rear panel
· Rounded brake pedal and square clutch pedal
· 2 hinge tool box lids
· Square fuel tank sump
· Early body hat channel layout
· Square footman loops on rear panel and pioneer tools attachment points
· TR20 bolts on body handles, bumperettes, foot rests, seat hardware, front bumper, windshield pivot brackets , top bow brackets, grill, hood and hood hinge , hood latches on fenders, horn bracket, water pump, headlight arms, filterette, pintle hook etc.
· RH and LH air deflectors
· Original Filterette
· Round muffler
· Smooth Intake manifold without vacuum ports
· Carter W-O Carburetor 539S with 8 patents cast on the bowl
· Small oil fill tube and dip stick
· Engine down draft tube
· Raised letter choke and throttle control
· RH fill and drain T84 transmission
· Thin transfer case shift levers
· Scalloped axle shafts on rear axle – scalloped drive flanges on front.

Parts included in this sale
· Correct 6 strap canvas top
· Original set of half doors
· Correct windshield cover
· Tool set with canvas tool bag
· Pioneer tools: shovel and axe
· Fire extinguisher (empty)
· GEM oil can (mounted on firewall next to horn)
· Extra W1 cast 11-28-1941 dated cylinder head –head is decked and magnafluxed.
· Extra water pump”


2 Comments on “1941 MB Slat Grille Virginia Beach, VA **Status Unknown**

  1. Jerzy

    Is still ths jeep for sale? On ebay I didn’t see the price, could I ask more specific questions?
    Jerzy from Chicago

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Jerzy,

    The seller cut the auction short. He probably sold it locally. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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