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1945 VEC CJ-2A San Luis Obispo County, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000

“I’ve decided to cell my jeep after 25 years of taking care of it.
It works perfectly, all three serial numbers match and tags are there #11809.
Body and tail gate #1821.
Body and frame have never been butchered or modified.
It has four original Monroe take apart shocks, rear seat, top bows, coil bracket
(No coil too bad) generator is original 6volt, with rubber brush cover, and I used a
Ford 12v regulator with the right bolt pattern to charge the battery. The rear end
Has a modified model 27 power lock with custom 300m axle shafts.
Comes with mis spares.”





2 Comments on “1945 VEC CJ-2A San Luis Obispo County, CA **SOLD**

  1. Steve E.

    That’s very cool to have a “47” CA plate. The black plates began in 1963, and turned to blue in ’69.

    **Steve E.**

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