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1943 MB York, PA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown.

I think the top is my favorite part, though it is showing its age. The seat covers are unique, too.

“Selling this for my father since he is no longer able to drive. This was purchased from the military (Letterkenny Army Depot) in the late 1940s. It has 53,000 ORIGINAL MILES. Has now been started for 3-4 years. The photos were taken about 18 months ago. The tires are all flat but as far as the rest of the jeep goes, it pretty much looks like the photos. Call for more information and a history on the jeep.”

1943-mb-york-pa0 1943-mb-york-pa1 1943-mb-york-pa2 1943-mb-york-pa3 1943-mb-york-pa4


5 Comments on “1943 MB York, PA **Status Unknown**

  1. Lance Snyder

    Hello Everyone, The above information about the Jeep is TRUE. This is NOT a scam. There is something going on with CraigsList. Every time I post the Jeep for sale, it gets flagged and removed. I was reading on some blogs that there is a software program out there that all you have to do is plug in some key words and it will seek out and flag all the listings on CL. The Jeep IS for sale currently. We are in YORK, PA. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT 717.880.1353 or EMAIL and I will try to answer any questions that you may have. And yes, the Jeep was for sale about a year ago in York, PA but my father decided at that time he did not want to sell it so we dropped the subject for a while. He has since had to turn his license in to the state (He’s 87) so now that he’s come to the reality that he will never drive it again, IT IS FOR SALE! We welcome any questions and offers. I just want someone to get it that is going to restore it to it’s original proud WWII condition. All the best, Lance Snyder

  2. Lance Snyder

    PS. If anyone wants to look at it on CraigsList I listed it yesterday on the York, PA Craigslist under the “ANTIQUES” heading and it seems to be holding. Looks like it’s just the “CAR” category that has the flagging problem. If you can’t find it on CL, please email me and I can send you photos, etc.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for that update. When things start acting weird on Craigslist it always raises an eyebrow. If I can be of any help, feel fee to email me (or comment here).


    – Dave

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Paul,

    I haven’t seen this listed in a while, so I suspect it sold. Lance should be able to update us on its status.

    – Dave

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