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1944 MB & Trailer Hermitage, VA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $21,500.

Seller says this was used in WWII and Korea.

“Total professional ground-up restoration. Used in WWII and Korea. PA licensed. Clear title. Price is negotiable; we’re motivated to sell!.”




4 Comments on “1944 MB & Trailer Hermitage, VA **SOLD**

  1. Pascal

    It does look very nice. One dash plate look missing but otherwise it look great. Should be a great story about this jeep.

  2. Bill

    Few came home from the Pacific- most WWIIs were surplus from state-side bases. Willys had a deal with the government not to return Jeeps as it would flood the new CJ market. There were huge scrap yards in Japan and Korea and in the islands they bulldozed them into the sea. I’d taket the story with a grain of salt, unless there is real good documentation. M38s and M38A1s did come home with their units in some cases.

  3. Chris

    I talked with Donna and she was referencing the fact that the Willys MB’s were used in WWII and Korea, not specifically this one. The family has agreed $19,500.00 is the bottom line if anybody is interested. Tub is not original and a few other things look not to be also, what kind of price do you guys think it should bring?

  4. Pascal

    I’m not an expert on MB but it look a good price. The trailer might worth 2000$ by itself. Is it a bantam? You should go to see it in person (pictures look always better) and try it before buying it. Other thing to consider is the DOD and matching serial number.

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