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1944? M3 Scout Car Galena Park, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

This popped up during my searches. Looks like an interesting project.

I am selling the disassembled remains of a real WWII Autocar Halftrack. The rear half that would have once had tank tracks is missing. It comes with the patterns and some 1/4 plate to make replicas of the missing 1/4″ armor. It is missing the flathead 6 cyl engine and transmission. My suggestion is to use it for parts to restore another halftrack, or use the patterns I’ve taken from a WWII White Scout Car to convert it into an armored scout car. The last two photos are so you can see what a restored version of this thing would look like. Keep in mind that its made of simple flat plate and the only body work to be down would be on the front fenders! It comes with about 250 brand new of the very expensive armored bolts that hold the body together.”



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