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1950 Jeepster Osteen, FL **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $16,500. Status Unknown.

Sad reason for selling the Jeepster.

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Up for sale is the last of the great American Touring cars – the 1950 Willys Jeepster Phaeton.
Car must be sold to cover bills as the owner is a cancer patient. If not sold the car will go to the estate and scrapped.

This car has been faithfully restored to the way it was when it left the factory – with a couple exceptions. Engine is the stock F-134 Hurricane and has been professionally overhauled, with less than ten miles on it.. Everything from front grill on back has been overhauled, repaired, or replaced, and works. New floor pans of the OEM type were installed. New paint has rarely seen sunshine and is a factory color scheme of Clear Maple and Black.

Top is two tone and new, as are the side curtains. New upholstery is in the factory scheme. There is no carpet, as no Jeepster came with it and it holds moisture which rots out the floor. All five tires are new, on original rims. We added turn signals, seat belts in front, a fuel pressure regulator, and a poly fuel tank. Car is the original 6 volts and all gauges work. Wiper is of the original vacuum type and has been rebuilt. All new wooden bows and tack rails were installed.

Car has been kept under cover the nine years I have had it. This car is one of only 4066 made in 1950. Being fully stock makes her a very rare car. Additionally, there is a factory installed badge in front of and under the driver door. Very few cars had this, and the purpose is unknown. No files of why exist. 
All remaining Jeepster spare parts will be included. This is my last restoration, due to health reasons.

I will consider reasonable offers. Car may be seen by appointment. Title is clear and ready for transfer after payment in full. Car will not leave until payment has been made. If this ad is up car is available. I can transport the car – price negotiable but not included in purchase unless within fifty miles.”



11 Comments on “1950 Jeepster Osteen, FL **Status Unknown**

  1. Ian

    Ah, ye olde “…Or it will be scrapped” gambit. Nobody scraps that. Bring it to my scrapyard. I’ll pay you by the pound and drive it home. I hate that so much.

  2. Blaine

    Hmmm…Scrap value. $300? I bet if you offered them $2000 They would refuse and think you are nuts

  3. scramboleer

    Tossing aside that scrap threat, looks like a nice Jeepster. Never seen one that color.

  4. Colin Peabody

    I believe the Clear Maple was a factory color, just not on a Jeepster. Clear Maple, Mahogany Brown And Autumn Brown Poly were used in combination on the 46 and later station wagons to give the “Woodie” effect. I hate to see the seller indicate that it has been restored to factory original when the grille, both sets of bumpers and the hubcaps have been painted with chrome paint, and plain steel floors minus the rubber carpets that are available as repops or even the fabric carpets available through several Willys vendors. Several other things I noticed, modified air cleaner to accept paper filter, fuel line modified running from the fuel pump across the front of the engine to the right frame where either a fuel pressure regulator or electric fuel pump are mounted and a rubber fuel line going up to the carb. It has a poly fuel tank as well. Seller doesn’t know the origin of the small brass tag in front of the driver’s door that every 1950 Jeepster came with that says”Jeep Product Willys Motors Toledo Ohio”. Basically, Willys had just won a lawsuit giving them the legal right to use the word “Jeep”, even though they had been using it for years. This may be a decent Jeepster to own but I doubt that it will get scrapped.

  5. Mark in Indiana

    I have some issues about the asking price:
    1. Over the years I’ve seen ones that are in better shape sell for a lower price.
    2. Although it looks like a nice restoration, it isn’t all original.
    3. This economy’s still in the tank. Toys like collectible cars are still going cheap. Unfortunately cheaper than they should go for, in my opinion.

    The seller should come up with a better motivator than the “sell it or scrap it”. But he’s welcome to bring it to my scrap yard.

    Mark in Indiana
    1945? CJ2A

  6. Mike Finegan

    The sell it or scrap it mentality actually encourages a buyer to pay a lot less than then asking price. No one in their right mind would scrap this Jeepster; just a poor choice of words.

  7. Merv Harris

    Is the car still available? I am a Shriner and looking for a Yellow Jeepster for Parades and other functions. I live in Lady Lake, Florida and could look at the car within a few days.
    Please contact me if the car is available.
    Merv Harris
    Telephone #352-753-3505

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Merv,

    It’s unclear if this is still for sale or not. We won’t know until it gets relisted on Craigslist. I did a quick search for jeepsters for sale in Florida, but there are only a couple high priced (more than $20k) jeepsters.

    – Dave

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