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Chris’ VEEP Project

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UPDATE: Chris has begun working on his veep project. You can follow his progress at this VW related site:

Chris just picked up this VEEP project that’s missing a few items. He’s hoping to locate the 50 page installation manual that Hadley Engineering published. I’m not familiar with that particular manual, but if someone has one that can help out Chris, that would be great!

chris-veep-project1 chris-veep-project2 chris-veep-project3


10 Comments on “Chris’ VEEP Project

  1. Alaska Paul

    A long time ago I claimed I’d send you my copy of the Hadley Veep construction manual but I got lazy and didn’t follow thru. If you’d let me know your address I’ll quit procrastinating and get this information headed your way. Sorry for dropping the ball when this information is needed by Veep owners. Thanks…Paul

  2. Earl

    Chris, how is your project going? I’d like to track down one of these Veep kits and work on it with my son-

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Chris, you should be able to paste the link into the box (it won’t highlight until you post the comment). Otherwise, just email the link to me and I’ll take care of it d @

    – Dave

  4. Chris

    Paul…also wanted to thank you for getting the manual out there. Very, very helpful reference piece…took a boat load of guessing out of the equation.

  5. Alaska Paul

    I’m glad you’re getting some use out of that manual, it wasn’t doing anyone any good stored in my crawlspace. Summertime means no working on my Willys so I hope you’ll send pictures of your project to Dave and all the ewillys viewers can see them.

  6. Chris

    Will do Paul. Dave posted a link to my build thread on a local VW forum so please feel free to visit. Making progress but in baby steps it seems. Enjoy the summer!

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