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1952 M-38 Fairfield, OH **Sold**

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UPDATE: **SOLD**. Was $6500.

It has a few minor updates.

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1952 Willys M-38 Jeep
I purchased this Willy’s about ten years ago with the intention of using it as the foundation for a rock buggy build. After learning more about it, how rare it is and the history that it represented I decided not to tear the fenders off four wheeling. I did all the work myself and restored it as best I could considering my ability and finances over the last decade. Its over 90% complete now but I just dont have the time to tinker on it anymore. I’d like for someone who appreciates really cool things to have it so they can continue putting it back together and enjoy it. When I got it the odometer said just over 7K miles ( still have original gauges to prove this) so I think its still got a lot of life left in it.

The following is a partial list of the modifications / upgrades. Im sure I’ll forget some, since there are so many.

I began by removing the tub from the frame and wire wheeling pretty much every part of both. Then I brushed on heavy primer and painted. After reassembly I installed an all new brake system (every part was replaced except for the drums) and a new electrical system (every inch of wire including fuse block), I changed it from the original 24volt military system to 12 volts. This includes Autometer gauges, 12 volt ignition (distributor and coil), changed from generator to alternator and replaced the original manual bendix starter with a solenoid unit that uses a key switch. The suspension was replaced with a two inch Rancho lift and slightly longer shackles so it sits nice and stout but doesnt look lifted. Also, just last week it got $1000 worth of tires, tubes and rim skirts. The tires only have two miles on them and the stickers are still visible. Its also had the Carter carburetor replaced with a Solex, the water pump and fuel pump are both new and the cylinder head was magnafluxed (to check for cracks) and machined before it was installed last month. The exhaust is new from the manifold all the way back to the tailpipe as well. The steering was upgraded to a CJ style box and the tie rods and drag link were beefed up (in anticipation of larger off road tires that never happened).

Its currently running and starts easy when hot or cold. The engine has a slight miss that Im trying to find but so far a replacement set of points and condenser hasnt fixed it. I doubt its anything complicated but like I said earlier, I just dont have time to tinker with it. The underside has drips here and there but I suspect its just old seals and gaskets that I havent gotten to yet.

It was never my intention to do a military correct restoration. Its got a combination of after market, civilian parts and some that came from various other projects I had over the years. In some cases I improvised. The floor boards under the passenger and driver side were shot so I cut out the bad metal and riveted / welded / screwed in place Then seam sealed the patches and brushed bed liner over them. The bed was in pretty good shape. Most of the other sheet metal was good but one of the steps behind the front fender was rotted off so i replaced it too. Any time a patch was needed I welded sheet metal and only used enough filler to smooth out the seam. I would say overall there is less than a cup of filler in the whole body. The only body work I’ve been putting of is replacing the tool box under the passenger seat. I have the lid but the box rotted off after sitting full of water for who knows how long.

I also have a spare rebuildable (from what I was told anyway) engine, transmission and transfer case that will come as part of the deal. The motor alone is quite valuable.

If you have questions feel free to contact me via email and we can follow up with a phone call if there is some interest in seeing it in person.”



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  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Doug,

    I haven’t seen this jeep relisted in the last year. I suspect it sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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