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Knox Trailer For Sale

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Raleigh is considering selling his Knox trailer. Not many of these around. No pics have been provided, but there are photos below of other Knox trailers. Comment below if interested.


Here are two Knox trailers that were listed on eBay back in 2013:

1) This Knox trailer is on eBay and has a serial number of 15.

“This is soooo rare there is barely ANYTHING on Google except this listing now..
From what I can gather from old guys in the military vehicle circles, these were made by Knox company who also made utility bodies and truck tool boxes. These were optional equipment for international trucks and some Jeeps. Serial #15, Rated at 1500 pounds”

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2) This one is from the Inland Empire in California $800

“Rare! It is an Old School Truck frame and 4’x6′ bed, converted into a trailer. Wood bed floor needs work but Im using ply wood right now. Hi clearance,very heavy duty used for Hualing Quad,offroading and camping. Comes with a Metal storage box on front. It has a Heavy Duty Dexter 6000lb mobile home axle with 3” tube,big spindles, narrowed to fit frame. It still has electric brake backing plates but not complete, You can buy the e-brake Hub/drum kit to fit backplates in future? Use it for parts to restore your Old truck or Rat Rod or As a Wagon for your Willys / Jeep or Offroad Truck. I would like to sell $800 or trade/Barter for A Low milage Jeep/Dodge 4.0L-4.6 Stroker or 5.9 v8.



8 Comments on “Knox Trailer For Sale

  1. Raleigh Vicars

    I have a Knox utility trailer like the ones mentioned here. I have owned it since 1975
    and have taken good care of it as it is in very good condition. I no longer have use for it and would consider selling.Please respond if interested.

  2. Twig

    I just got one that says knox on the front and the back. Same body as the one pictured basically all stock except The springs and perches have been changed to wrangler springs and perches. but it still Orig axle wheels etc

    I like it this way. As its more useable.

  3. Stan Daniel

    I have a Knox trailer I bought in 1975 have just started to not restore it because it has always been a good trailer but to make it prettier. I would like more info and history on Knox Stan Daniel

  4. Sherry

    I own a 1949 Knox trailer very heavy duty have put a lot more than a one ton load in it Nothing Stops it keeps on rolling down the road

  5. john gist

    I have a Knox trailer, paid 50 bucks for it, no tital, now it’s home made, wht is 500 lbs, I use it all the time. I’ve bought it about 25 years a place called the white house flea market, in Schenectady NY, I like it and have no reason to sell it, camping trip and traveling. I never knew that there are more out there.

  6. David Eilers

    John, that’s great! My parents used their trailer until it rusted through. It was never pretty, but did it’s job. It saved them from having to own a truck for years.

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